OPEN CASCADE relies on a solid worldwide customer base


RINA - Leonardo Hull 3D

“We rely on OPEN CASCADE services to facilitate the evolution of new software tools and reduce application development costs.”

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Sauro Gazzoli
New Products and Research Department Manager


HOMAG - WoodWOP 7 (2015)

“Open CASCADE Technology was used to develop some components and CAD functionalities of our woodWOP 7* application.

The latest version of woodWOP has been recently presented at LIGNA 2015, an international woodworking industry trade fair.

Most of the people were impressed with the new features introduced by HOMAG with the cooperation of the OPEN CASCADE team.

Thank you for your support and the quality of your services!”

*woodWOP is an application developed at HOMAG for the programming of CNC machines in the woodworking industry.

Jean-Marie Pattberg
Head of CAD/CAM–Software Delopment


4M - IntelliCAD®

“Open CASCADE is exactly what we needed to enhance IntelliCAD®, the famous “Alternative CAD”, with a professional 3D Modelling environment, in order to provide 4M-IntelliCAD users with a unique, powerful tool.

The open-source development components, combined with the ideal cooperation with the OPEN CASCADE team, ensure the unrelieved enhancement of the product, keeping it at the leading edge of technology.”

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George Bourmas
Project Manager


KRS - SeaTrust-Holdan

“At Korean Register we develop the SeaTrust-Holdan software to run various calculation and checks on ships represented with the finite element models.

In addition to Open CASCADE open source components we also make use of its Mesh Framework to accomplish tasks related to meshes.

The choice of Open CASCADE Technology helped us to substantially reduce our efforts in creation of a complex software product for ship classification.

Using OPEN CASCADE support and know-how and with help of their Mesh Framework we managed to dramatically speed up the development process.

Thanks to its source availability we have managed to derive our own customization to reach maximum adaptation to our project needs.”

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Ho-Chul Son
Senior Surveyor
Korean Register of Shipping



“Our experience with OPEN CASCADE support is that they offer swig and accurate solutions to our requests. Their experience is a valuable source of information for our developers.

It is safe to say that using Open CASCADE Technology and its support contributed significantly to the fast pace at which NCG is able to develop NUPAS‐CADMATIC Hull.”

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Theodoor de Jonge
Chief Commercial Officer


Principia - AVPRO

“We greatly appreciated the efficiency of the OPEN CASCADE team we worked with, as well as their availability and reactivity.

This new fruitful cooperation has significantly improved the capabilities of AVPRO*, and I am confident that further cooperation will occur again in a near future.”

*AVPRO is an application for ship structure design developed by Principia

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Nicolas Besnard
Naval Engineer


BMW - Quick Mesh Application

“Thanks to our new application based on Open CASCADE Technology, BMW hopes to shorten this phase of the development process from several days to several hours.”

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Peter Hoff
Project Manager


Yazaki - CAE projects

“Open CASCADE Technology is unique on the market.

We chose to use it because of its large number of independent, open-source development components and tools, which can be readily integrated into CAE projects like the wire harness application.

Since our application brings together different development environments, we were thus able to choose the most appropriate and cost-effective development tools for our project.”

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Masaaki Tanikawa
Manager of the Third Development Department in the IT Division


AIRBUS Group - Anatole Project

“Assembly is very important, since there are five or six levels in the hierarchy for joining the thousands of parts that make up a vehicle.

This level of complexity is very difficult to manage, and requires a view that can start global, and follow down to the smallest piece.

Our goal was to control the tolerances as early as possible in the development cycle in order to optimize the assembly process.”

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Nicolas Chevassus
Senior Project Manager


IRSN - Crystal

“Our new application, Graphic Editor, has not only met our stringent quality standards, but also provides a user-friendly, easy-to-learn interface.”

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Patrick Cousinou
Chief of Service


Samtech - SAMCEF Field

“SAMCEF Field version 1.1 features powerful functions for editing external geometry... and makes it possible to fill the empty spaces between surfaces, eliminate unnecessary lines, remove edges, and so on.

It also includes simple modeling functions. In the end, the geometry thus constructed can be used directly for creating finite element models.”

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Claudine Bon
Technical Director


RINA - Leonardo Hull 3D

“Open CASCADE Technology saves time in the design validation process not only by allowing the integration of various tailored applications, but also by providing a direct link to shipyard data created with standard commercial CAD and analysis tools.”

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Riccardo Poggi
Responsible for development


HOMAG - WoodWOP 6 (2010)

“Open CASCADE Technology allows us to re-use high-quality code for CAD functionality. We can focus our effort on the CAM part of the application.”

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Jean-Marie Pattberg
Head of CAD/CAM–Software Delopment


FRAMATOME - Charm Application

“Thank you very much for your help. Your modification works fine and permits us to create the design we need.”

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Marc Leclere


GIT - ShoeMagic Software

“We adopted Open CASCADE Technology many years ago to develop our ShoeMagic Software. Our clients, mold shops and factories of world brands such as Adidas, Nike and Reebok, apply high demands towards the software we supply.

Therefore we closely work with Open CASCADE Helpdesk team that supports our development with fast and efficient expert guidelines.

It takes just a few hours to receive a thorough professional reply, with detailed explanations and recommendations. It’s just great!”

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Joe Lee
Assistant Vice President
GIT (General Integration Technology)


Mahr - MarCad 3D

“Open CASCADE Technology is an ideal tool for development of our Vision 3D software.

Thanks to the A-la Carte support offered by the OPEN CASCADE Company we were able to refine and perfect our application in no time.

Open CASCADE professionals provided prompt technical support and gave answers to all our questions.”

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Mahr Multisensor



“OPEN CASCADE Support team always demonstrates good understanding of our needs, and provides answers and solutions we may rely upon.

Using OPEN CASCADE Support via the A-la carte program provided convenience and flexibility in choosing the appropriate type of support at each particular phase of the project.

Access to maintenance releases allowed to quickly solve blocking problems and smoothly progress in our development.”

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Sangsu Lee
Project Manager



“We have been using Open CASCADE Technology since 1996. We choose OCCT because it was multi-platform, had a lot of features we needed (modeling, visualization, import, etc.) that we didn't want to recreate so we could focus on more specialized stuff, and at the time it was the best choice... it still is.

We also like the fact that we have the source code because it makes it easier to integrate with other library/apps, like CATIA, since we could recompile it with specific compiler option when needed.”

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Francois Lauzon
Ing. stag. Software Development Coordinator
DBM Reflex


Thales Alenia Space - CIGAL Project

“Working with the OPEN CASCADE team will enable us to optimize software production by combining their CAD-to-analysis development experience with our thermal solver expertise.

Open CASCADE Technology was the only software with enough flexibility to allow improving our CAD modeling tools and, at the same time, smoothly integrate the model with CORATHERM, our in-house solver.”

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Thierry Basset
Project manager for developments around thermal exchange
Thales Alenia Space


NIC - CollabCAD

“Open CASCADE Technology geometric modeling kernel provided us with all the tools we needed to interface with commercial CAD applications and to access model geometry.

Only open-source software gives us the possibility to carry out this type of development.”

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Dr. H.K. Suhas
Head of the CollabCAD project


CIRTES - OrthoStrato Concept

“The choice of the advanced surface module of Open CASCADE Technology helped us to gain a strategic advance over our competitors.

With the release of the components in Open Source as Open CASCADE Technology, we can be sure of the longevity of this exceptional development platform and of its future evolution.”

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Claude Barlier


Arcelor - ISOPUNCH

“We are very impressed with the professionalism of the OPEN CASCADE team.

They approached development in a way that allowed us to double our efficiency and save considerable time on the overall project, while preparing specifications that would ensure optimal application performance.”

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Pascal Ravier
Project manager for the Automotive Steel Solution Design Department of Research and Development


Mitutoyo - Cadpak Win

“We have been impressed all along by the efficiency and quality of the development team's work.

We can follow the project through an extranet site created by the OPEN CASCADE development team, and work in progress is completely transparent.”

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Ken Edmett
Senior Technical Manager
Mitutoyo U.K


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